Why the stigma?

Why the stigma?

At Privé Play we want to address the stigma surrounding sexual pleasure for females. Traditionally we have been conditioned to think that sex is a male domain, something for male pleasure, and that we, as females, are simply here to please our man. Speak to any of your female family members and friends and they will all be able relate to this. 
What did we learn about sex at school? That sex is for reproduction and that we should avoid it at all costs. Evidently, we did not get to learn about real-life sex, our bodies, pleasure or sexuality. 
How many of us have faked that orgasm just to make the man feel good? Why do we do this? Is it so that he feels that he is capable of satisfying us, when in fact we’re much better at satisfying ourselves? We have been doing this for way too long.
So many of us are worried about our what we look like down there, do we need surgery, are we normal? Bleaching, labiaplasty, and other surgeries show an instilled beauty standard and a degree of shame concerning our own bodies.
Why do we have these deep-rooted toxic feelings about our bodies and about our own sexual pleasure? We must minimise ‘pleasure shaming’ when talking about sex.
At Privé Play, we aim to open up conversations about ‘Female Pleasure’, and want to bypass the suffocating taboo about sex from a woman’s perspective.
It could all begin with a basic fact check about terminology relating to our private parts. This would make us consider the implications behind our current attitudes and behaviours relating to sex.
It is striking how deeply ingrained toxic standards are even in our own choice of language. Feminine sexual vocabulary is too often either worryingly vague or vulgar. This leads to a lack of ownership over our own bodies. This amazingly complex group of organs are often generalised into merely a tool for male pleasure and procreation. This subtly continues to enable subjugation and stop progression of personal sexual acceptance and satisfaction within women.
It is way too common a theme during discussions with women that there still is shame around sex and pleasure. 

Education and attitudes towards being sex positive need to change. Ownership over our own bodies is not remotely shameful. At Privé Play we are working to disrupt negative sexual norms. We hope that all this will lead to sexual conversations to eradicate shame and foster positive, informative conversations about our bodies.




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