Today is our launch day!

Today is a very special day for us at Privé Play as it is the end result of a passion project which started several months ago over a few glasses of wine between two girlfriends and a budding idea to create a partnership to promote women’s health and sexual well-being. Our best ideas have often come from early morning walks when we have talked with clear heads and open minds sharing details of our own sexual histories, hang ups and experiences (both good and bad!). We became increasingly aware that sex and especially sexual pleasure for women of all ages can often be a taboo subject because we have been conditioned to consider sex as a thing a woman does to please her partner.

 We want to create a niche market for luxury, high quality and natural products which will only enhance a woman’s sexual experience. We also want to build a community of women who feel comfortable in educating other women and discussing sexual subjects and also sharing our products in a comfortable setting at home with their friends and family. We hope that you love our site and products as much as we do. Privé Play has been created by women for women with a genuine love to see women thrive sexually, mentally, physically and financially.


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