Ten reasons to Tenga

What is a Tenga egg?

It is a simple, ultra compact sex toy for men packaged in a similar way  to a Kinder egg and available in a wide variety of pleasing textures. We asked our friends what they loved about the Tenga eggs and here are the top ten reasons they came up with to try a Tenga today!

  1. They have a fun design which makes them seem as simple as a condom
  2. They are small and easy to hide and carry—even when travelling
  3. They all contain a free packet of lube for immediate use.
  4. They have a wide variety of exciting and luxurious sensations
  5. They are a great way to enhance masturbation
  6. They are also great for partner play
  7. There is no mess!
  8. They are inexpensive
  9. They can be treated as disposable ie. one use only, or…
  10. They can be washed and used several times.

Available in four enticing packs:

Easy-Beat PackWavy, Clicker, Spider, Silky, Stepper, and Twister.
Standard PackWavy II, Boxy, Brush, Tornado, Sphere, and Silky II.
Hard-Boiled PackThunder, Crater, Misty, Surfer, Shiny, and Cloudy
Lovers Pack: 6 Heart-shaped inner textures for sensational stimulation


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