My first sex toy was....

I can clearly remember the first time I ever bought a sex toy. I had been invited to a friend’s adult toy party at her house with a group of her friends (some I knew, some I didn’t). She had been telling me about a rabbit style vibrator which she had bought at a party which was the reason for her inviting me to her party.

The party was so much fun, we all had a few drinks and lots of laughs playing party games and trying out the power strengths of different toys on our hands and other body parts!!

I listened with open ears about the experiences of other girls with some of the products and knew that it was time for me to enter into this new world of sexual liberation!

I ordered the exact same product which my friend had recommended…a rabbit vibrator with ears for clitoral stimulation which at the time was a battery-operated product!

I waited with excitement for the delivery date which was about a week later. I remember ripping the box open the minute I received it and virtually ran upstairs to the bedroom!

Within seconds I achieved an amazing orgasm! I think that my record was 15 seconds!! Needless to say, I have never looked back, and have tried many new products since then! If you haven’t tried something different, what are you waiting for?

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