Meet our first Pleasure Party Consultant….Renée.

We are currently recruiting more Pleasure Party Consultants so please let us know and get in touch through our application form on our website if you would like to join our growing team of women empowering women to be more confident about their sexual journeys. These parties are not only an opportunity to see and compare adult toys and products, but also a wonderful opportunity to meet with women to talk through all things sex, in a safe and welcoming environment.
Meet our newest Privé Play Pleasure Party Consultant, Renée. We are so proud of our girl in Adelaide who has become our first consultant to share our messages of self-love and self-discovery at parties for women organised by women. We thought we’d ask her some questions and share her answers with you.


What made you want to become a Privé Play consultant?
I loved the company’s emphasis on sex positivity, high end body safe products, and smashing taboos around pleasure.

Had you ever been to an adult toy party before joining Privé? 
I went to one a few years ago and had a great time. I remember being inspired to get involved with the industry.

How would you describe your first experience as a Privé Play consultant?
It was a blast! The group was full of energy and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. 

What can ladies expect when booking a party with you?
A relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere full of fun games and interesting facts.

Where are you based?
Adelaide, Australia 


Do you have a favourite product? Tell us more.

Wow! That is a hard one! I don’t like playing favourites amongst all my toys but I’m currently obsessed with the Stronic Surf Pulsator by Fun Factory and the Rose Quartz Crystal Dildos.

Why do you think it is important for women to be open with their sexuality?
Because it helps create a global understanding and respect around women’s sexuality where women are free to express and explore their needs without shame. I think it’s important for women to feel free to explore their body and to learn what really gives them pleasure. It is empowering, improves confidence and teaches you how to love yourself as you are! 
Do you have any words of encouragement for anyone who may be interested in becoming a consultant?
You get to talk about sex toys and pleasure for work! It is the best job I have ever had!

Also any words of encouragement for anyone who may want to book a party with their girlfriends?
Booking a pleasure party is an absolute blast! People are fascinated by sex and just love to talk about it. You learn techniques and walk away feeling empowered and sexy! These parties also have the added benefit of helping people feel less alone when it comes to sexual struggles. 

What are some of your hobbies, other work commitments & interests outside of Privé Play?
I am studying psychology at university and have completed many workshops on sex, relationships and kink. I love to learn so I’m constantly reading and taking on challenges such as learning different languages and different musical instruments. I love music so I attend as much live music as possible and I am obsessed with travelling!


You can follow Renee's journey on her Privé Play instagram here


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