Am I sex positive?

What does the term “sex positive” mean?


It means that you have a positive attitude about sex and that you feel comfortable with your own sexual identity and with the sexual behaviours of others.


Is this who you are?


  • I am open to learning more about sex and sexual activity. I try to understand my body, my partner’s body, and all of the physical, emotional and psychological aspects involved with. Intimacy. I feel comfortable asking about sex if I have questions.


  • I understand the importance of safe sex for both myself and my partner. Safe sex can include discussing sexual histories, using condoms, and being tested for sexually transmitted infections (STis). It can also include emotional and psychological safety, such as supporting a partner with a sexual dysfunction or one with a history of sexual abuse.


  • I consider sex to be a healthy part of life that should be enjoyed. For sex positive people, sex can be discussed without shame or awkwardness. It is not a taboo subject.


  • I acknowledge that sometimes I won’t want to have sex and that partners might not want to have sex with me.


  • I accept others’ sexual practices, as long as the participants consent and feel safe, without moral judgement. This means accepting sexual behaviours that might be different from my own, such a shaving many partners, engaging in threesomes, or swapping marital partners.


  • I accept others’ sexual orientations and lifestyles without judgement.


Being sex positive can be complicated. For example, some sexual behaviours may not align with a person’s cultural and religious views. Or, a person might have experienced sexual trauma in the past. Such trauma can be difficult to discuss and make that person feel frightened or anxious in sexual situations.


Overall the concept of being sex positive involves understanding your own sexuality and what it means for you and your relationships.


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