10 Reasons you should regularly ‘Self Play’.

We all know how great it feels to have some time to yourself and spend some quality time alone, right? Yes, it’s nice to snuggle up with a partner, but isn’t it fun also to be able to relax in the privacy of your own home and work to your own tempo! Feel your own vibe, so to speak! This is the perfect opportunity to delve into a journey of self-discovery and find out a little bit more about yourself and what actually gets you ‘off’.


Here are our 10 reasons we encourage you to ‘self-play.’ Lots of us play with ourselves for fun.


  1. Get to know yourself…Fingering yourself means that you can caress your clitoris and the area around it with your fingers. By trying it out, rubbing on or around your clitoris, and varying the speed from fast to slow, increasing and decreasing the pressure you will definitely start to feel those waves of sensations. Try it with one or more fingers in your vagina. As you get aroused, your vagina gets moist and your clitoris swells up. You can use your vaginal fluid to make your clitoris even more sensitive.
  2. It’s fun to experiment. try using the jet of water from the shower or with one of our vibrators you can stimulate your clitoris in other ways. Every woman likes doing different things, and that can change each time. You can achieve an orgasm simply by stimulating the clitoris. This simply takes practice.
  3. It’s not only an enjoyable thing to do, it’s a useful thing to do. You learn about your own body, what your vagina looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like and how it all works down there. Get a mirror and have a good look at things.
  4. If you know how to give yourself an orgasm, you can do this more regularly and then you can show your partner how to do it for you too. A win win situation!! Intimacy is about self – revelation. What’s more revealing than showing your lover how you have sex with yourself? Many couples say that this can bring them closer together.
  5. You are connecting yourself to your romantic, sensual, erotic or sexual self. These activities have to be practiced and perfected in order to help you improve your connections with a partner. It’s a wonderful way to become more confident with your own body.
  6. Learn to explore with a variety of sex toys and props. It’s like having your own traveling tool kit. Start by experimenting with some of our lubes and enhancers.
  7. It’s amazing for stress management. Virtually everyone at some point in their life admits to feeling ‘stressed out’. Forget medications and tranquilising teas! Reach between your legs and de-stress yourself!
  8. It is a great way to relieve sexual tension without the risk of unplanned pregnancy or contracting an STI. There is no need for contraception or protection when it’s just you and your sexy self!
  9. Frequent orgasms have been shown to lower blood pressure, so there are real health benefits to perfecting your techniques.
  10. It’s all about self-love, enjoying who you are and releasing your sexual self. It’s your way of giving back to yourself! Learn to love your own body parts and the sensations which you can experience when you know how to relax and let go.


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